The Good Samaritan
Compassion Towards All

"your life

will be like a watered garden and you will never languish again." This promise of God (Jeremiah 31) inspires us to be a place of nurture and growth.

Saint Luke's Lutheran Church 1959
Saint Luke's Lutheran Church 1959

About Us:

Our Mission

We are a Christian community extending God's love and compassion, welcoming all to share the joy of faith in Jesus Christ.

A few of these words guide our ministries:

Faith: means trust. It's not just believing there is a God but believing in God, living by a promise, resting in a presence, finding joy.

Compassion: means identifying with someone in their lives and suffering, and responding in a hopeful way. It's the way God is towards us.

Welcome: In God's compassion, Christ welcomes even his enemies to his table. This congregation wrote and voted to approve a welcome statement.

Lutheran Christianity emphasizes good news and grace - read more here.