Tanzanian Drummers
Martin Luther


Lutherans at worship shown above; Martin Luther at left. The crucifixion (lower left) is about God's bearing with us in love, depicted by (Lutheran ) Grunewald.


About Us:

Lutheran Christianity

Christians who identify themselves as Lutheran can be found throughout the world and are prominent in such places as Tanzania, Namibia, Indonesia and the US. The name "Lutheran" comes from Martn Luther, a 16th century monk, priest and bible scholar whose arguments with church heirarchy were part of what led to a split between Catholic and Protestant.

Lutherans emphasize the concept of grace - God's unmerited love and favor towards all people. In the 16th century, God's grace meant standing up for people who were being told they had to buy salvation, translating the Bible and worship into the peoples' language, and recovering the practice of receiving communion in both bread and wine as the gift of forgiveness.

Today it means challenging religion or society when the bottom line is "it's up to you to get yourself together," to make yourself worthy of love. The good news - the "Gospel" - is that God alone can make things right with us.

More about our beliefs here, from our national church body, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.