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Get Involved:

Get Involved

We find that there are many reasons people show interest in a faith community - all of them good in their own way.

Some just come here to play instruments or to sing in one of our music groups, or get to know some new people.. Quite a few find that they want to get involved in our work with the homeless. Others may just want to follow us through our email list or online newsletter (see links above). A few may want to worship with us, or to learn more about the faith. Whatever brings you to us, we welcome you.

Here are some ideas of ways to connect:

Attend one of our worship services - a good way to see the heart of what we do together.

Exercise compassion by serving people who are homeless.

Jam with us, sing in the choir, play an instrument.

Get your kids involved - in music, education, fun.

Explore the faith through "Sanctuary" or a Bible study.

Contact the Pastor - who enjoys coffee with new friends.