Stained Glass
Christ blessing the children
Child Praying

At The Center

of his followers, Jesus put a child. Kids bless and shape this community by their faith and gifts and presence, while finding St Luke to be a nurturing family.


Get Involved:


During worship, we try to involve children in music, assisting with communion, even blessing adults with the mark of the cross and words of hope on special Sundays.

There are children's bulletins and activity packets available just outside the sanctuary. If you feel it's best to give them a break, there is free childcare for younger children available in the nursery.

Learning takes place in many ways - collecting and delivering food to a food pantry, a trip to the Cathedral downtown, and Sunday School, which is offered at 9:45am Sundays. At least twice a year, children prepare a pageant for the entire congregation.

Baptism is for infants or children (or adults) of any age, and celebrated with great joy during Sunday worship so the whole congregation can welcome the newly baptized into family. Contact the Pastor for more information.

Communion instruction is ongoing. Parents decide when children first receive Communion (in conversation with the pastor): for many, soon after Baptism.