The Rainbow

is a sign of God's promise of life (Genesis 9) and welcome to all. The image to the left is from stained glass at St Luke.




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The religious question, people say, is "do you believe in God or not?" But faith is something bigger and more mysterious. It's about what we trust day to day. What do we want in life, and where do we look for it? What do we love above all? What's the story we tell about ourselves?

God speaks "gospel," asking for our trust in the story of Jesus, wanting us to know above all that we are beloved. Lutherans say "I believe that I CANNOT believe by my own ability." It's the Spirit of God who awakens trust in us, pulling and empowering us in surprising ways.

Sunday morning - learning for children with occasional adult studies.

Women's Bible Study, Wednesdays at 10am. Contact Judy Platts (818)222-8779