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Musical Afternoons

How many fun, casual venues for great live accoustic music are there in the West SFV? To showcase our local bluegrass and other bands? Where people of all ages are welcome?

And how many opportunities are there for people of whatever faith to come together and take care of those who are having trouble making ends meet? The people who might use the West Valley Food Pantry?

We are providing both great live music and a chance to fight hunger!

Concerts are held on Sundays in the late afternoons - 4pm (join us and still have the whole evening to get ready for Monday morning!).

No admission charge! Appetizers contributed by local grocers (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods) include wine, soft drinks, crackers, fruit - donation of $10 goes right to the Food Pantry. Other local businesses provide Raffle prizes.

Kids are welcome - they can dance up in front of the stage or play on the playround outside and still be able to hear the music!