Pastor Janet Hansted

Welcome to St. Luke, a place of genuine community. I’m so thankful to be serving alongside people who genuinely embrace diversity, of all kinds, without exception.  As a Lutheran pastor, I’m someone who believes God is always busy creating, redeeming and renewing the world, whether we recognize God at work or not.  When we come together, it is to celebrate and thank God for the wonder and beauty and goodness of life. And given that the road isn’t always smooth, we’re here to grow in our faith; to help each other trust God to fill in any and all the gaps where our human limits fail us.  We need each other to continually find new ways to keep the door open for holy grace to ultimately prevail, in us, through us and sometimes even despite us!  


My favorite things in life are my two daughters, two dogs, playing volleyball, a rainy day and a good book, friends to laugh and cry with and the thrill of hope that comes as we take actions together to bring about justice and healing for those who have been robbed of either. 


The ELCA (Lutheran Denomination) has the motto, “God’s Work – Our Hands”. If you are looking for a place to call your spiritual home or a faith family to work with to bring God’s light to the dark places of the world, I hope you’ll jump in and join us in our mission of Being God’s Love, Justice and Hope in the World!



Intern Pastor Nikkeya Berryhill

My journey into pastoral ministry has been a long one with many twists and turns along the way. One thing I know about God is that God uses everything in your life--nothing is ever wasted. Many people say that you can ignore a call to ministry, but if you do God will continue pursuing you. I wouldn't say I actively ignored this call, but I would say that I spent many years being in denial about it. However, each experience I have had is being used to shape the person I am bringing to the types of ministries I will serve.


I have a BA and an MA in American Studies and Media Theory. Which basically means I love talking about movies and television and analyzing what's going on. The funny thing about seminary is I was able to use these same analytical muscles when looking at the Bible and thinking about our lives.


Throughout my life, I've always been friends with or noticed the outsiders and artists who didn't quite fit in. It was my heart for those on the perimeters--those who can't seem to find a place in church--that led me to finally say yes to this call. My passion is to serve people in non-traditional church spaces like coffee shops, cafes, parks, etc--helping them see how their stories connect to God and how God has been active in their lives. 


I love to work with others to think of creative ways to worship God and to bring in

voices of those who are often overlooked. My passions are writing liturgy and creating stations and rituals to connect with God in expressive and embodied ways. The term "embodied" is something I learned in seminary, but it just means USING YOUR BODY! We so often get stuck in our heads and forget that we have these beautiful bodies that we can also use in worship. But don't worry, for me my favorite form of embodiment is taking communion! In addition, I like coloring, doing a simple ritual, or moving my body slightly in prayer. 


In seminary, I became passionate about community organizing and would like to work across faiths and denominations to bring about positive change in our communities.

Church Council

Mary Anthony


Mary Anthony is a rather recent transplant to St. Luke, having joined in March 2016. She is currently on the Church Council, serving as President and the Council member in charge of organizing care for and repairs for the property. She also is a member of the choir. Mary is an epidemiologist by training and works out of her home office in Thousand Oaks for a company based in North Carolina, RTI International.

Linda Weaver

Vice President

David Primuth


    Sherry O'Neill


Nancy Wood

Financial Secretary

Patrick Rollins

Council Member

Randy Kistler

Council Member

Lisa Curtis

Council Member

Melinda Kaye

Council Member