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Our December Monthly Focus is on Global Hunger


In the global family of God, we need each other. Some of us have plenty, others are hungry. As we shop for gifts this Christmas, many of those we shop for have everything they really need. One way to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to honor our loved ones, is to focus on gift giving for those in the family tree who need it the most, in the name of those we love.

You are invited to take a moment to consider the extreme needs of some of our siblings around the world, and to be part of the solution to turn situations of chronic poverty into life sustaining alternatives.  The following agencies are doing the hands-on work around the world to help create life-saving solutions to chronic hunger and extreme poverty. Shop for gifts or make a contribution, whichever most closely suits your needs. Click on the links below to check out the work each agency is doing and consider supporting their efforts, as you are able. 

ELCA Good Gifts 
10,000 Villages
Serrv International**
Women's Bean Project (USA)
Heifer International

*(At Serrv and FairAnita websites, use Code: ALCTO to have 20% of your total purchase donated to Lutheran Disaster Response!)

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service 


Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service--(History)

Planting Plants
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