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Our September Monthly Focus is on Interfaith and Local Agency Collaboration

Get to know our friends in the Valley!
One of the ways we become our best selves is by collaborating with others on projects of shared values.  Collaboration helps us to keep growing, stretching, and being exposed to new ideas and the diversity of the many different faith based communities in the world around us.
This week’s action is to check out the Interfaith Solidarity Network website and list of upcoming activities.  St. Luke is a member of the Network and has partnered with the organization in celebrating Thanksgiving, marching to make our unity across of faith communities more visible and in a wide variety of learning opportunities – in person, and more recently, on Zoom. Some will remember our shared exchanges with both the West Valley Islamic Center and with the Jewish religious studies students from De Toledo High School—just two examples of our past and current interfaith connections.
Click image below to visit the website and learn more about the local faith communities with whom we partner:









Every month we focus on an area of faith and loving our neighbor which broadens our understanding of God’s world. 

This week we invite you to learn about our Sikh neighbors. (Pronounced “sickh”
A community of faith often known for their peaceful ways and recognizable dress. 
Click here to learn from a Sikh woman, Valarie Kaur, about revolutionary love!
Congratulations to Rev. Daniel Tamm, of the Interfaith Solidarity Network who was ordained yesterday in Los Angeles!!  Meet Dan at:  

During the first two weeks of September our Jewish siblings celebrated the culmination of the High Holy Days celebration. Click here to learn about the meanings and practices of the most significant worship celebrations of the year in Judaism.


Click here for further reading on Lutheran-Jewish relations.

Click here for further reading on Lutheran - Jewish - Islamic relationships

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