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Knitted Ear Cozy Headband Pattern

The Knitted Ear Cozy Headband Project has been a huge success!  Our collection time has come to an end now, for those who want to keep knitting/crocheting you are heartily encouraged and they may be dropped in the bin at the church. AND There is quite a bit of donated yarn in the church office that you can come and pick up for free to make the headbands - call ahead (818) 346-3070 or pick up yarn on Sunday morning. 
Materials & Tools
Yarn – Use Super Bulky Yarn  #6
Knitting Needles – Size 10.5 or as suggested on yarn label
Embroidery Needle with eye large enough to thread yarn through
Instructions - Click here for full instructions

  • Cast on 9 stitches.

  • If using thinner yarn, cast on additional stitches.

  • Band should be 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches wide.

  • Knit each row until the piece measures 17 ½ to 18 inches.

  • Bind off leaving enough extra yarn to sew the ends together.

  • Thread needle.

  • Fold head band in half with short ends together. 

  • Sew ends together.  Make sure to stitch edge to edge.

  • Weave ends into the seam.


Again THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO GAVE OF YOUR TIME AND EFFORT AND YARN DONATIONS!!!!And thank you to Sherry O'Neill and Kristi Magnussen for organizing and coordinating this super outreach effort!

Ear cozy headbands.jpg
Margo Ear Headbands_edited.jpg
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