God's Work, Our Hands Day 2021


This week folks from ELCA congregations all over the country will creatively do a wide variety of projects, actions and education efforts to more fully extend our public witness.  Some will do service projects, others projects in homes due to the pandemic.  
The ELCA is committed to being DOERS of the Word, not just HEARERS!

At St. Luke we are encouraging everyone to participate in one or both of the following projects:

1)  Our Clean Streets project which will start up again on Sat. September 25th.  Registration at 7:30, start time 8am.  
Some will pick up trash on Ventura Blvd., others who are not keen on walking will help with set up or clean up duties.  
Come in your Gold GWOH T-Shirt if you have one!  If not, just comfortable clothes and bring a pair of work gloves if you have them!

2) Our Personal Care Kits project. Purchasing care kits ($6/each) helps the ministry team plan, purchase and prepare kits of personal care items for the unhoused. These items are distributed by the West Valley Food Pantry. In order to keep the process budget friendly, streamlined and consistent, the request is for financial donations (not in-kind items) as well as volunteers to do several separate tasks.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Janice Pontoppidan (818) 880-4497 or Janis Hatlstad (818) 687-1162. This is an ongoing project, so let either ministry leader know when you are available to help, it can one time or occasionally, as your schedule permits.  Personal Care Kits are organized and delivered once each month.

When the Word became flesh and dwelt among us it was to help us to see the face of God and the vision has for the world. When we pray, "your kingdom come" we are praying that God's vision be brought to fruition in THIS world.  Love over greed, justice over cruelty, mercy and compassion over power-over one another, faith over fear -- we are called to make these real for all people.  
We are called to stand up for God's vision and stand against any system or belief which tears it down.

Faith, without the works that show we are committed to God's ways, is a dead faith.  There are a wide variety of works that reflect God's vision, we are just lifting up two this time around, but together we celebrate every act of faithfulness and witness to God's presence - the living God - alive and making a difference in our world every day!

Join in!
May we make our hands ready for God's use and God's work in the world!
See you Sunday!!

Pastor Janet