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Saturday, September 19th Day #7 of “God’s work, Our hands” Week

God's Work, Our Hands!

Dear St. Luke Friends,

Day #7: Friday, September 19, 2020


God’s Work, Our Hands Week!

Learn, Grow, Serve – Setting Aside an Hour a Day to serve God and our Neighbors!


Serving God by Caring about Gun Violence and Gun Safety


BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY: Ecclesiastes 9:18 

Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good.


Anyone of us can hurt another, with or without weapons of war. There are no guarantees of safety in this life; we are vulnerable to each other’s choices, daily. For this reason, every person’s wellbeing is tied up in that of our neighbors. The best way to stay safe is to work to ensure that everyone around us is safe.  Still, knowing the brokenness any of us can embody, we can take steps to manage the depth and breadth of our vulnerability. We paint lines on freeways to limit collisions, we license drivers so that we can ensure a baseline of skill, -- thousands of additional examples are all around us.  When it comes to who may have access to what kinds of weapons and at what age, and under what conditions, we, as a society, are still struggling to find a plan that prioritizes the lives of those most vulnerable to gun violence and suicide. Today we pay attention and seek wisdom; may we take loving actions to choose life-saving guidelines for the sake of the greater good.



Start small, learn more, invest yourself!


God’s Work in 3 Minutes:



God’s Work in <30 Minutes:



God’s Work in 1-3 Hours:

Watch a Movie!:  Under the Gun Documentary with Katie Couric (on Amazon Prime);

                            "Bowling For Columbine" (on Amazon Prime)

Read: In Pursuit of Peace--Building Police-Community Trust to Break the Cycle of Violence (a long, but very comprehensive review of Communities changing the cycle of gun violence.)

God’s blessing to you.

Pastor Janet


Rev. Janet L. Hansted

St. Luke Lutheran Church

5312 Comercio WayWoodland Hills, CA 91364

FB: StLukeWoodlandHills

818 436-2850 ch. ofc.


(*All suggestions for movies and books are intended to acquaint the faithful with some aspects of the theme of the day. Should there be aspects of the movie or specifics associated with content, actors, production or other aspects of the movie/book which are objectionable, please note St. Luke is not endorsing all aspects of each resource listed, only making suggestions for potentially helpful experiences in focusing on the themes for the day.) 

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